Vocational Training & Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability

The Vocational Training Centre’s professionals have designed the curriculum not just keeping in view the trainees’ individual capabilities, but also their personal interest, parental support and resources available to meet the current demands. Apart from the vocational training, the trainees also participate in various extra-curricular activities like sports, games, music, dance, drama, outing, shopping and picnic throughout the year.

Vocational training division of OLSharps upon the process by which a differently able person is enabled to secure suitable employment that can beretained in the long-run and advance a permanent base with an ultimate aim of integrating or re-integrating the person to the societal mainstream. OLS trainees with timely guidance from professionals have demonstrated their innovative ability linked to various skills like bakery, chocolate making, tailoring, carpentry, laundry, handicrafts and vehicle servicing. OLS has been able to create a brand identity for its handmade designer chocolates, bakery products and laundry service among major organizations belonging to government and civil society.

Objectives of Vocational Training Centre:

  • To provide need based and skill based vocational training
  • To ensure involvement of the parents in the process of rehabilitation
  • To create awareness on vocational training and rehabilitation among the parents/siblings
  • To discuss the process of vocational training and components of job analysis
  • To empower the trainees for self-advocacy
  • To make Persons with Disabilities self-dependent in related trades
  • To make them learn independent living skills in the community
  • To make them aware about their rights

Ensuring that the trainees have an understanding of:

  • Independent personal skills and social behavioral skills
  • Awareness on safe and hazardous skills
  • Appropriate and meaningful work attitude, behavior and skill
  • Awareness on right to avail the services and facilities for their functional and social integration
  • Awareness on emergency first-aid treatment.
  • Knowledge of life skills
  • Inclusion of persons with disabilities for their empowerment through better quality of life.
  • Organizing night stay away from the families.
  • Yoga therapy for the persons with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
  • Participation in recreational activities

Institutional Exposure

The trainees are given exposure to different public places to gain practical knowledge about post office, bank, shopping complex, hospital and picnic spots etc., comprehended the functions, rules and regulations related to these places and learn functional etiquettes likestanding in a queue and tendering the exact amount of money.

Parents Teachers Interaction

Parents-teachers interaction is carried out on a regular basis. During the interactive sessions Skill Instructor, Special Educator and Placement Officer have elaborate discussions and opinion sharing on rehabilitation of their wards. Discussions regarding legal guardianship, ‘GyanPrabha’, ‘UdyamPrabha’ and other schemes of National Trust and the State also take place. In order to ensure meaningful participation of the parents and building of rapport with the teachers, outings and picnics are organized for parents, trainees and professionals.

Computer Unit

OLS computer unit provides need based programme for every individual. The instructor herself has been a student of OLS and hence is in a better position to understand the needs and skills of the students as well as to guide and educate them in a manner that is best for their understanding. The Computer Unit imparts training on basic computer applications, and advanced software in programming and designing. Basically this unit equips the trainees in skills to prepare letters, drafts, databases, charts and graphs, invoices, presentations etc. Apart from this, some fundamentals on computer hardware are also taught in this unit. Depending on the ability of internalizing and being able to use whatever is taught, the trainees are also provided with higher technical skills in web designing and programming.

Bakery Unit

TheBakery Unit provides training on the use of machines to bake various kinds of breads, buns, pizza base, biscuits and different types of cakes and pastries. The students learn to use juicers, mixers, grinders, etc. to prepare different juices, batter and dough for the processing unit. This unit is one of the productive and earning units of OLS vocational training centre. Parents are interested for their children to work in the unit, as this exposure helps them to be of assistance at home. The trainees also prepare working lunch and snacks forthemselves and OLS staff members. They are also trained to serve food in a proper manner and to collect the money from the customers. They also make packets of some grocery items like sugar, dal, atta, rice, peas etc. by using weighing machine and gain practical knowledge in packaging and selling.

Laundry Unit

The trainees in this unit are trained for collecting, cleaning, washing, starching, ironing, delivering the laundry and billing. They are also trained on cycling to help them to collect and deliver the laundry from a distance of around 2kilometres. The trainees are basically trained about categorizing the materials by colour and texture, handling the washing machine and the electric irons.

Tailoring Unit

Tailoring unit imparts ability based training to the persons with mental retardation and cerebral palsy using their abilities, skills and techniques. After discussion with the parents and trainees regarding individual skills, the unit provides training in different aspects of tailoring like hand stitching, machine stitching, button stitching, hemstitching, and kaja stitching for systematizing perfection in hand co-ordination. The trainees in the unit are also trained to prepare file folders of cloth and paper which are in much demand for the workshops conducted by the NGOs. Some are given training on intricate stitching like embroidery. Others learn to make soft toys, chemise, petticoats, kurtas and pajamas, gaiters, cloth bags, paper bags, pillow covers, appliqué work, letter case and mending work. The training on mending, embroidery, patch work and appliqué works is imparted through modern stitching machines.

Chocolate Unit

Chocolates are products of universal fascination and hence OLS has opened a chocolate unit in vocational training and rehabilitation centre for the persons with cerebral palsy and mentalretardation. The trainees are taught to make different types of handmade designer chocolates which are in demand in the regional marketand in corporate houses. The trainees will have to be in the unit for at least 3 years to develop hand dexterity and understanding of hygiene, weighing, packaging, storing and marketing to start their own enterprise. Presently 3 trainees are independently preparing the chocolates. The new comer first learns identification of different ingredients for preparing the chocolate and then learns the process of preparation and storage. Then they learn the wrapping and packaging process. The unit is supported in marketing by a team of students of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) and in patronizing by Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL) through its annual corporate gift procurement of chocolates during Diwali.

Carpentry Unit

The Carpentry Unit provides ability based training to the trainees on carpentry skills. The unit uses manual method as well as well-equipped automatic electrical tools in carpentry. First the trainees learn how to use the machine and its function which helps the trainees with better hand coordination. This unit helps in fulfilling the demand for the special furniture required by children with cerebral palsy. The unit also caters to the requirement of special furniture of SarvaShikshaAbhiyan and the district administrations’ social welfare section.

Photocopying, Lamination and Spiral Binding Unit:

OLS vocational training centrealso has a photocopying and spiral binding unit.Trainees of the pre-vocational level are given training in understanding the various work components of the photocopying and lamination machines and its usage. This unit mostly caters to the huge in-house requirement of OLS.