Group Home and Rehabilitation Activities Under National Trust Act for Disabled Adults

Providing Lifelong shelter and care for persons with Autism, CP, MR & MD

A welfare state like Republic of India ensuring social justice and empowerment for the people in special need in justification of this noble activity states that Persons with Disabilities in general face several barriers: physical, financial, psychological in leading a life with dignity and independence. The situation is worse in case of persons with the aforesaid four developmental disabilities who may require lifelong care & shelter services even long after their parents are no more. Unfortunately, such a reliable & affordable service at present is not available in the country even though there is a huge demand & need for it. The National Trust was setup in the context of parents’ worries that what will happen to their children with special needs when they are no more. In order to provide a sustainable solution to this rather difficult problem, GHARAUNDA – a scheme of Lifelong Shelter & Care is conceived with the following objectives which OLS strives with incessant passion and zeal to achieve:

  • Provide an assured minimum quality of care services throughout the life of the persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities
  • Encourage assisted living with independence and dignity
  • Facilitate establishment of requisite infrastructure for the assured care system
  • Provide the care services at an affordable price on a sustainable basis.

The Chairperson of National Trust along with her team is assessing the progress of the construction work of the building under the “GHARAUNDA” scheme in July 2010

OLS started the GHARAUNDA on 18th February 2011 with 5 persons with disabilities from the BPL category. In fact, the beneficiaries do not have anyone to call their family except the other inmates and the care service providers, management and staff members of OLS who look after their wellbeing as they would for someone from their own family.

Mr. Atul Prasad, the CEO of National Trust, visited OLS and saw the infrastructure and the provisions made in this regard.

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