Empowered Communities for Environment Protection & Disaster Preparedness (ECEPDP)


The targeted communities will strengthen their awareness concerning environmental issues and build their capacity to work locally for a sustainable environment, using innovative methods in for example organic farming, water conservation, waste management and sanitation. As the project area is regularly affected by cyclones and floods there will also be a focus on building capacities for disaster preparedness and on creating structures in the local communities to be used in the event of environmental disasters. Environment protection and disaster preparedness committees will be formed on village level.

Project participants will be empowered to formulate, advocate and claim their rights for sustainable development. Platforms will be created for a dialogue between community members and duty-bearers/decision makers where duty-bearers will be sensitized of existing problems and urged to present their plans to achieve the necessary changes. They will be held accountable to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the communities for which they have been appointed.

There will be a special focus on questions of gender equality and on empowering women to take an active role in advocating for the right to sustainable development. This is anticipated to lead to women actively participating to a higher extent in decision-making both at home and in the community, as well as in decision-making bodies.

The project has a possibility to create positive changes for a large part of the around 28 000 people living in the 35 villages where the project will be implemented.