Children Development Khazana

The project beneficiaries are the children from the economically weaker sections who contribute their labour to augment the family income or to support themselves mainly by conducting petty businesses on the sea beach and the temple side in Puri. The project has brought in positive and significant change in the lives of the children from 4 slums of Puri town.It has fulfilled majority of its objectives within a short span of 3 years. The project is conceptualized and supported by BUTTERFLIES, Delhi.

Objectives of the Programme:

To enable children to meet their survival needs, help children learn to prioritize their needs, motivate street and working children to continue education and access to health care.

To train the children on life skills, enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

To equip children with vocational and entrepreneurial skills, provide knowledge, skills and support to initiate and manage economic enterprise (small businesses).

To equip children with financial management skills, inculcate habit of saving and budgeting and provide basic training in keeping books of accounts.

To facilitate children’s participation in decision making process, empower children with knowledge, values and skills of democratic participation and orient children to know their own rights and responsibilities and demand the same.

To provide saving and credit facilities to urban street and working children and rural poor children.


  • The total membership of 4 branches stands at 278.
  • 6 CDK members have been given training on artificial jewellery making.
  • 355 children of slum community and rural areas were introduced to and oriented on CDK through members.
  • 456 children became aware of CDK through children’s club meetings.
  • The total savings of the CDK members in 4 branches has crossed Rs.40000/-.
  • 17 children received advance for welfare and development and started their own business on the beach.
  • Four Advance Committee Groups were formed in four branches of CDK.
  • Parents of CDK members were educated in 16 meetings.
  • Two phase training programme were conducted for four Advance Committee Members.
  • Two phase training programme for Child Volunteer Managers of four branches were conducted.
  • Children of Baliapanda CDK branches have undergone spoken English coaching for developing communication skills to deal with foreign customers.
  • 46 CDK members are attending resource centers for education.
  • 19 children were enrolled in formal schools.

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