Centre of Special Education for Children with Intellectual Disability

There is a felt need for easy, renewed and advanced knowledge, ideas and strategies that would enhance the quality of our services for the different able childrenand help them for better lives by exchanging the results of our experience in areas of special education, vocational education, social movement, public awareness and family involvement.


To achieve the above objectives the Centre for Special Education for the children with Mental Retardation(MR) continues its efforts to provide suitable learning experiences by providing self-learning materials in different media to facilitate the growth of the child. The education, we aim at, is more meaningful that enables our children to cope with the day-to-day living in the family with greater confidence, ultimately to face the community and defend their right to a life with dignity.


  • Preprimary (3-6 yrs)
  • Primary – I (7-10 yrs)
  • Primary – II (9-14 yrs)
  • Secondary (11-14 yrs)
  • Pre-vocational – I & II (15 – 18 yrs)
  • Care group (No age group)

Pre-primary Group:

The coverage of content in the areas of personal, social and academic is more than with occupational area in this level. Play way method is followed for teaching self-help skills, pre-academics, communication and socialization skills. Regular parent teacher interactions assist in the periodic assessment, program planning, implementation, and evaluation in this group.

Primary group

Children who achieve 80% of the skills in preprimary are promoted to Primary-I level. In some cases the students may continue one more year in preprimary to enable them to acquire the requisite skill. The main activities of this group are activities of daily living, social and academics.

Secondary Group

This group includes children in the age group of 11-14 years. In this group the children are trained in their basic self-help skills, language, cognitive, academic and co-curricular activities in a more structured form. Music, Dance, Art & Craft, and Yoga form an integral part of their curriculum. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior modification are also provided simultaneously with the main learning schedule of the children.

Pre-vocational – I & II Group

Both the groups consist of students in the age group 15-18 years. The primary focus of training is to preparing children in basic work skills and domestic activities. Hence the major content covered are in the areas of occupational, social and academics. However, the content coverage under academic area will be minimal or need based for prevocational –II group of children. Development of time concepts, weight and measurements, money exchange, life skill education, family life education and sex education are part of the training. They are also exposed to higher social skills and community participation.

Care Group

Care group includes children with low ability (profoundly retarded) and the skills focus on training them partially, the basic skills such as drinking, eating, toileting and basic meaningful motor movements and communication. The idea is that they will be able to partially perform these skills. Besides the above skills we are providing recreational (indoor and outdoor) skills. In addition we are providing sensory stimulation to the group.

Major Activities

  • Special Education
    • Group teaching
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Management of problem behaviour.
  • Early Intervention
  • Therapeutic stimulation
    • Speech therapy
    • Occupational therapy
  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Excursion, exposure visit, outing
  • Art, Music & Dance
  • Sports & Games.

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